Welcome to Find All Bugs The Julia blog on static analysis, code quality and security

In this blog we want to spark discussion about code quality and security, and the best ways to achieve it. The focus will be on static analysis, because that’s where we really know our way around, but we’ll also talk about related topics such as risk, cyber security, continuous integration, compliance… Our blog is not meant to be a monologue so please don’t hesitate to comment and challenge our views!

About the authors

You will find most posts written by Julia R&D people, a bunch of experts in the field of software verification, static analysis and abstract interpretation. From time to time we’ll introduce some guest writers from the associated technical and scientific community. All authors write their own posts. If you have a topic you’d like to introduce please let us know and become a contributor!

P.S. We are clearly a company blog, but we’ll leave the promotional messaging elsewhere. If you want to find out more about Julia and their products just visit the website.