Codemotion proved it: girls are the best debuggers!

The Julia team presented in the startup area of Codemotion 2016 in Milan… what an amazing experience!!!

Our stand was visited by hundreds of attendees, and the audience was so focused that we had deep and interesting discussions with all the people that came to hear more about Julia, static analysis, and software quality.

Codemotion Code-like-a girl

Our debugging challenge was what attracted most attention. Many people struggled to find the bugs in our code snippet and only one girl was able to find the most subtle and difficult error.

So, as our pin stated, “Code Like a Girl!” to make your software really reliable!

A special thanks to the organisation: especially the Pin Challenge was a wonderful idea. It was a great way to encourage the visitors and exhibitors to interact and get to know each other.

We are definitely looking forward to the 2017 edition and will be waiting for you with an even more intricate quiz…

And you, Codemotion attendee, think about how to make your programs more robust, and get ready for our next year’s challenge!

P.S. To practice your skills, take a shot at the Julia Codemotion 2016  quiz here

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