Introducing Find All Bugs Who are you, who are we, and why are we here?

First let's find out something about you: Are NullPointerException, Classcast and Cross-site scripting part of your everyday vocabulary? Read on, you’re in the right place! Looking for bedbugs, beetles or fire ants instead? Sorry, we don't find those... (yet) A few words about us We are a team of people working with static analysis in a young research-based company Julia. About a year [...]read more
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CWE compatibility and why does it matter?

We are proud to present the newly certified CWE-compatible Julia as of February 2nd! Congratulations! But why is it a big deal? Like any new and innovative company, we work hard to establish and consolidate our reputation as a serious alternative to competing tools. Apart from the continuous improvement of the technology itself, we thought it was important to challenge it and confront it against [...]read more
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Julia @ ITASEC 2017 Cybersecurity by the lagoon

We just came back from the 1st Italian Conference on CyberSecurity (ITASEC 2017) where we presented Julia's results on OWASP Benchmark during the demo sessions. The event, organized for the first time in Venice, gathered under one roof more than 500 attendees mixing together industry, academia, and public institutions. A unique opportunity to discuss cybersecurity in the Italian community! Around [...]read more
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Find All Bugs vs. Find Some Bugs

For our readers not yet familiar with the bits and bobs of static analysis, we'd like to make a brief introduction on the meaning of soundness and why it makes a difference. Program analysis Program analysis infers and proves properties on software. This is normally done by the developer who tests her/his code, that is, executes the software with some specific inputs and environment conditions. At [...]read more
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Let us Be Serious about Static Analysis

I started working at static analysis years ago, too many years ago from now. It was a time when static analysis and abstract interpretation of computer programs were in their infancy. I remember so many academic efforts, trying to define the most precise static analysis for... Prolog or ML code. It was an exciting time and we all felt like an underground community working over an esoteric theory, proudly [...]read more
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Codemotion proved it: girls are the best debuggers!

The Julia team presented in the startup area of Codemotion 2016 in Milan... what an amazing experience!!! Our stand was visited by hundreds of attendees, and the audience was so focused that we had deep and interesting discussions with all the people that came to hear more about Julia, static analysis, and software quality. Our debugging challenge was what attracted most attention. Many [...]read more
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